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A SoulSelf Portrait is an artistic rendition of the Union of your Divine Self with your Human or Earthly Self.

SoulSelf Portraits by Marie-CecileThe energy patterns or frequencies received in this manner speak to you at core levels, sparking an ever increasing Remembrance of the Divine Heritage encoded in your cellular structure.

The picture and its information are a portal into the infinity of your Being and open the door to levels yet unknown to your Human DNA.

When a Portrait is requested, it takes form in the appropriate timing as it is not only personal, but also Universal. As it initiates and reflects the movement of your cells, so it reflects Planetary shifts.

A detailed message revealing the individuality and purpose of your Sacred Energy is given with each picture.

When this process is complete, it carries a message of Love from your True Self, creating an experience that is both Unique and Universal in its Empowerment.

No meeting or sitting is necessary since I receive the visuals and the information directly from your "HigherSelf" through accessing the Divine Within where we all exist as One. It is this universality that allows me a glimpse into the infinite Beauty of your vibration on this plane and Beyond. A name is all that I need to receive permission to do this.

A SoulSelf Portrait is always received and given in the Truth and Purity of the Divine. The energy I am shown is but an infinitesimal piece of the True You. Remember, however, as this spark, it also holds the Vibration of the Whole, the Universal YOU.

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