A SoulSelf Portrait is the translation of the energy patterns that make up the Divine Being you Truly are. It is given, in love, to assist you in an evermore profound remembrance of your Divine Heritage and Core. These vibrations show themselves on this plane as colors, shapes, form and flow.

Since the Spring of 2000, I have been able to receive the "sentient vision" of these energies and create a SoulSelf Portrait at people's request. This is done respectfully and in harmony with what your SoulSelf desires you to be aware of, at this time. When this is completed, it carries a message of love from your True Self, cresting an experience that is both unique yet universal in its empowerment.

No sitting is necessary, as I receive the visuals from the Divine Within where we all exist as One. It is this universality that allows me a glimpse into individuals vibrations on this plane and beyond. I am also able to access information for loved Ones regardless of their location, or about those who have moved onto a different plane. A name is all that I need to connect to the vibrations.

A SoulSelf Portrait is always received and given in the Truth and Purity of the Divine. As I work on a portrait,  I am often brought to tears by the absolute Beauty and Love radiating from it. The energy I am shown is but an infinitesimal part of the True You. Remember however, as this part, it also holds the vibrations of the Whole, the Universal You.



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