Healing Portraits:

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2016, Rebirthing the Anointed Aspect:

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      The Anointed Aspect


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2016...Rebirthing The Enlightened Us:

 ::  2016...Rebirthing
      The Enlightened Us

DNA Transformation Art:

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      DNA Transformation Art

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SoulSelf Portrait Gallery
(2000 - 2014):

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       2014 to....?

A New Earth (2011 - Present):

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       of Oneness

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       Inner Child: The Divine
       Child Within

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       the Heart

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2016, Rebirthing the Anointed Aspect

PLEASE NOTE: I am a only a Messenger of what has ALWAYS been within you, I Am a catalyst of its activation by bringing a mirror for you to recognize your True I "AM"dentity. Only the Divine that You are is in charge of what is being mirrored and of activating the healing.

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